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Nt 8 using 24gb of ram

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    Nt 8 using 24gb of ram

    So i had issue with opening ninjatrader and keeping it on without charts freezing maxing out 6gb of ram.. so i decided to upgrade my ram to 24gb. Last night i turned it on and i t was loading very slow and i decided to leave it on during the night. When i walk up my cpu was using maybe 1% (4ghz cpu) and my ram was at max 24 gb. Ninjatrader was using 99% of the ram. Its happening every day for past few days. Can you help me to deal with this?

    Hello sk_future,

    Are you using any particular 3rd party indicators, strategies, or other addons?

    Are you able to reproduce the behavior with a new blank workspace on charts that do not have any addons such as indicators or strategies applied?

    As a test, please take the following steps to force NinjaTrader to start without your saved workspaces. You will have the option to reopen these after our tests.

    First, if possible, I suggest making a backup of your workspace so we can restore a backup if any changes need to be undone.
    Below I have provided a link to the Backup and Restore section of our help guide.

    Then to start without a saved workspace:
    • Shut down NinjaTrader
    • Navigate to (My) Documents\NinjaTrader 8\workspaces
    • Select all files in this folder -> right-click one of those selected files -> select Cut
    • Navigate to the Desktop -> right-click the Desktop -> select New -> Folder
    • Open this folder -> right-click in the folder -> select Paste
    • After moving these files, restart NinjaTrader which should startup without any workspaces
    • Once NinjaTrader has started on just the control center, please open a new chart using 1 minute bars and try reproduce the behavior.
      Do not load a template on this new chart or any 3rd party indicators.

      * Please note this will not delete your existing workspaces. However the new blank workspace will be named Untitled1. If you have a workspace already named Untitled1, rename the workspace in the Workspaces menu by clicking Save As > and give a name for the workspace like TestingWorkspace. Then do not save Untitled1 when shutting down NinjaTrader (otherwise it will overwritten).
    If there are no issues on this new workspace, this may indicate the issue is with a script saved within your workspace.
    I would suggest rebuilding your workspace, one change at a time. After each change such as adding an indicator, close and re-open the workspace. Please keep track of what indicators you add back in so that we can narrow down the last added indicator which may be causing the issue, if the issue returns.

    Once you have tested for the behavior, you can optionally return the original workspaces to the workspaces folder and restart NinjaTrader 8. NinjaTrader should only start with the TestingWorkspace (or Untitled1 if you chose not to rename it) with these steps so you can continue using the platform without the workspace automatically opening.
    • Navigate to the Desktop\New Folder\
    • Delete one file named _Workspaces(.xml)
    • (delete this one file. do not delete any other files without that exact name.)
    • Select all files in this folder -> right-click one of those selected files -> select Cut
    • Navigate to (My) Documents\NinjaTrader 8\workspaces
    • Right-click in the folder -> select Paste
    • After moving these files, restart NinjaTrader
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    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Worked out perfectly. I shouldnt have bought these rams....


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