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Server Side ATMS v8.1.1.0

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    Server Side ATMS v8.1.1.0


    Hello and hoping for some clarification.

    Referring to a recent post on another thread:

    03-05-2023, 08:09 AM

    As the original developer of NinjaTrader twenty years ago this June, ATM strategies have always worked in this manner, meaning stops loss orders rest at the exchange. I am sorry that somewhere along the line you were provided an answer that contradicted its actual behavior. What is true is that local client-side ATM's cannot submit your stop loss and profit target orders (bracket) if your entry order is still working while you encounter a connection loss. Our new server-side ATM's available with v 8.1 does not have this limitation since the trigger/submission logic for your bracket(s) are working on the server.​.

    and the new NT8 web site documentation, specifically I've highlighted in red:-

    This article will walk users through the specifics of server-side ATM strategies with the NinjaTrader suite of platforms, along with the differences compared to client-side ATM strategies.

    Mar 3, 2023•KnowledgeServer-side Automated Trade Management with NinjaTrader

    NOTE: Server-side ATMs are not enabled by default and are currently in BETA

    My question: Does being in BETA mean we can't yet use Server-side ATM's

    Many thx
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    I think anything server side is always going to be risky because it opens up the broker to additional potential liability since they control your account, live market data, and also now placing orders with server side ATMs. For example if you have a pending limit order submitted with an attached server side ATM, then log out with the pending limit order still open. When the limit order is eventually triggered and if the server side ATM fails to place a stop loss for whatever reason, I doubt they want the liability or will reimburse your trading account. For this same reason, it doesn't look like there are any brokerages at all that will run automated strategies for you, and likewise automated strategies are not part of NinjaTrader Web app.

    Just speculating, but perhaps the BETA tag is a way of limiting liability and probably buried somewhere in terms of service is explicit text about not being responsible for lost funds from beta functionality.


      You can use it but its in beta state which means that traders using it are effectively testing this new feature.
      RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


        backtester831 Thx for your reply.

        I was asking of the advantage of a Server-side ATM in terms of the bracket orders still behaving as intended in an OCO sense in the event I lost internet connection.

        This was the topic/discussion in the thread I linked to in my first post.

        If the Server-side ATM's are only in BETA then are we getting the benefit that was referred to by NT of bracket trades (OCO) still functioning as they should if a loss of internet occurred (?)

        03-05-2023, 01:55 PM
        Ray, thank you so much for clarifying this for me!

        If I understand your comments correctly, with client side ATM's, the only risk of having an active order in the market without the intended stop loss, is to have the market reach the entry price of the working order after losing the Internet connection, which would result in the order being filled but without the bracket order being sent to the exchange. Additionally, you're saying that this cannot happen with server side ATM's.

        03-05-2023, 03:01 PM
        Your understanding is now correct

        Hoping NT can clarify all of this.

        Ps: I was typing this without seeing NT_Ray latest post 3

        Many thx
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          Apologies in advance if I'm not reading this correctly but 3979.00 looks like a typo in your documentation on Server Side ATM ?

          3979.00 should be 3978.50 being 10 ticks away from the entry price of 3976.00 ?

          Many thanks

          Server Side ATM

          Server side ATMs function independently of one and another. There is no active ATM strategy to select to scale in/out of. Every entry you make will place it's stops and profit in relation to your entry order.

          Example: If you entered long 1 contract on the ES at 3976.50 with a stop loss and profit of 10, your stop loss would be placed at 3974.00 and your profit would be placed at 3979.00. If you then scaled in 1 contract with your ATM at 3976.00 a new stop loss would be placed at 3973.50 and a new profit would be placed at 3979.00
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            I will report this typo to our team so we can get it corrected asap. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
            Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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