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Continuum data end of month cycle exact time

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    Continuum data end of month cycle exact time

    I am writing here as I have been back & forth daily with broker support for over a week with no resolution, and now they are not responding to my request for information.

    I need to know the Exact time & time zone at the end of the month when the Continuum Data Feed expires & rolls to the next month - when one monthly cycle ends & the next begins

    I need to know as to change data feed subscriptions one needs to cancel ALL data in order to make adjustments
    I live and trade during Asian/European hours so my best guess is that when I cancel my data subscription I will lose data somewhere within the US Overnight trading session at the end of month & need to resubscribe which takes time & will be down without Continuum data in the meantime.

    Can someone from NT please assist with this request for information?

    So far from NT broker support I've had a representative consistently direct me to the Futures Exchanges each day and treat me like a fool for saying that is NOT the information I require, before being handed to another representative who brushed off the question with the answer "at the end of the month" before ignoring my further requests.

    I'm guessing either they don't understand the question or don't know or both.....

    Thank you.

    Hello torento,

    Thank you for your post!

    If you were to cancel your data subscription from your NinjaTrader Client Portal right now, you would still have your data until the end of February. Therefore, on March 1st, you would need to update your subscription in the Client Portal. When you update your data subscription in the Client Portal, it is almost immediate, if not within at least 15 minutes, that you would start receiving the live data from your new subscription. Please note: you will need to disconnect and reconnect in the platform for the live data to flow after re-subscribing.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions!
    Kennedy M.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank you for your response

      Yes I understand this but my question is, precisely what time and time zone does the end of month occur?

      Is it midnight US EST, GMT, last day of the month US Session close

      Precisely when is Continuum data set to end the month

      Nobody seems to want to answer the question.....


        Hello torento,

        We do not have an exact time. You would need to re-subscribe after 12AM CST on March 1st.

        Please let us know if further assistance is needed.
        Kennedy M.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          You must have some kind of system in place that switches from one month to the next at a particular time right?

          Otherwise how is your company managing this do you just manually switch whenever you feel like it?

          Doesn't make it easy for the trader now does it, one minute the data is there the next it's gone at a random time obviously, before we need to login to the client portal reactivate data and wait up to 15 minutes as you stated for it to begin printing data

          It's not only the data there's also an issue with the client subscriptions page in the account management portal, on 1 Feb my page stated that I was subscribed to market data until 28 Feb even though I canceled my data subscription.
          1 Feb I was told I'd be given a refund by support as they also saw I was subscribed to market data until 28 Feb
          Before being messaged back the next day that I was not actually billed for the data, so it's also listing errors on your system on the first of the month

          During the time account management stated I was still subscribed to data Feb 1 I could not resubscribe to the exchanges I needed to view, I had to keep checking in until eventually the page cleared & I could subscribe & then wait even longer for the data to begin printing

          Do you understand why I'm perusing this issue now, the process of having to completely cancel every exchange for live data feed without the ability to cancel exchanges individually causes issues by itself for traders trading during the monthly crossover time, add to that having no idea what time that will occur and an account management portal displaying errors on the first of the month while not allowing us to resubscribe it's not exactly ideal is it....​



            Thank you for your post.

            To clarify, data subscriptions turn off at 12:00 AM CST on the last day of the month.

            After this time during the 1st of the new month you may sign up for a new data subscription.

            Please note that if you are connected within NinjaTrader at the time you will need to disconnect and reconnect for the changes to your data subscriptions to take place within the platform.

            Spencer F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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