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Horizontal lines not visible today

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    Horizontal lines not visible today

    Hi all.
    Using NinjaTrader 8 (

    In a workspace, I have three 10-minute charts.
    I habitually draw a few horizontal lines to show the 2 or 3 previous days' closes.
    On Friday, all the lines I had drawn were there.
    Now, on Sunday (connected to "Kinetick end-of-day" and IBKR), all the horizontal lines I had drawn have disappeared...

    How come???


    Hello M_ichel,

    Could it be the workspace was not saved with the horizontal lines?

    If you right click in the chart and select Drawing Tools-->Drawing Objects, do you see the horizontal lines there?

    If you restore your workspace to last Friday, does it restore the horizontal lines? Please complete the following steps to use the "Restore workspace" feature:
    1. Navigate to Tools -> Database Management
    2. Select "Restore workspace"
    3. Select Restore to be directed to the location of the recovery workspaces
    4. Workspaces will be organized in folders with the same name as the workspace
    5. Double click the folder of the workspace you want to recover and then select the recovery file with the date/time that you want to recover. You'll want to select a file larger than 1kb from the available options.

    Below I have provided a link to the Restore Workspaces section of our help guide:
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Jason.

      OK. That worked.



        Oooops! Thanked too fast.

        Sure, the restore of previous workspaces worked.

        However, this morning, in the charts that I checked, my lines are there OK, but the text drawing elements (mostly dates to identify the lines) have almost all disappeared. Except for just a few that have remained...

        Am I condemned to restoring the workspaces from the previous day every morning???



          Drawing objects in charts are saved when the workspace is saved. Could it be the workspace was not saved after applying the missing Text objects?

          If you restore the workspace, does it restore the missing Text objects?

          If you apply a new Text object in a chart, save the workspace and restart NinjaTrader, do you still have this new Text object?
          JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Hi Jason. Thanks for your response.

            This morning (Monday, 2023-02-06), all horizontal lines and all but one text objects are gone.

            I think there is a problem with the "Yes to all" response when shutting down NinjaTrader.

            I typically have two workspaces open when I shut down NinjaTrader. Last Friday, I (apparently) shut down NinjaTrader around 17h35, because those two workspaces both show being saved at that time.

            Workspace A had a size of 182 KB at 17h35, but a size of 272 KB at 16h25 (when I probably saved it manually after updating with Friday's close).
            Workspace B had a size of 130 KB at 17h35, but a size of 311 KB at 11h23 (the last previous copy).

            So obviously, something happened at 17h35. I think it was my shutting down NinjaTrader, answering "Yes to all" (which I always, always do) to the prompt about saving workspaces, etc.

            So we'll leave it at that. I will not restore from previous versions.

            In the future, I will always save my workspaces manually, after any significant changes, and certainly before shutting down NinjaTrader.

            Thanks for your interest.

            21h10 Edit: Sorry! I have to take back what I inferred about "Yes to all" response when closing NinjaTrader. I now believe the problem is with Market Replay! I just did some work with it and when I had finished, I noticed my text object and some horizontal lines were gone! As mentioned, I had saved my workplaces so was able to restore them. But it looks like Market Replay may have been the culprit...
            Last edited by M_ichel; 02-06-2023, 08:13 PM.


              I recommend to create a separate workspace for the Playback connection (Market Replay) to avoid the issue. So please save and close your other workspaces before you use the Playback and only have the Playback workspace open. Make sure the other workspaces are not opened in the background - it shows a grey icon at Control Center-->Workspaces if opened in the background. You need to ensure the Playback workspace has a green icon at Control Center-->Workspaces and all other workspaces should have no grey icon before connecting to the Playback.
              JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion!


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