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Twice tonight...

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    Twice tonight...

    Ninja decides to go the middle of a trade. Within 40 minutes.Twice. WTAF? It ain't rithmic, it ain't anything other than Ninja deciding to quit at the most inopportune moments. Frequently. ****.I get a down period every now and then. I don't get multiple problems on the same night. Happened last night as well. Get it together.

    $%%^# Me- you guys owe me 800 bucks.


      Welcome to the forums!

      I hear ya.
      I've seen this before.

      Find ways to monitor your network connection.

      From there, you might divine some ideas ...

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        Hello RockNRoll_Bob,

        Thank you for the messages.

        CRITICAL — If your inquiry involves live orders, please always reach out to your broker's Orders Desk immediately to confirm and manage your live orders and positions.

        Please know that a connection state between NinjaTrader and your broker/market data vendor is not dictated by NinjaTrader.
        • The NinjaTrader application only reports the connection state as it is reported by the API you are connected through.
        • NinjaTrader behaves like a radio receiver in that it receives signals from the connected server. If the signals are not coming through, the underlying broker/market data vendor API reports this to the NinjaTrader application which in turn reports this back to you. Once a loss of connection is reported, NinjaTrader or the underlying API will continuously try to re-establish a connection.

        Please perform all of the steps below to attempt to stabilize your Network connection.
        • Begin by restarting your Modem, Router, and PC to refresh the internet connection.
        • Connect your PC directly to the Modem with an Ethernet cable if possible.
        • Ensure that NinjaTrader has been allowed through the Windows Firewall on all networks. Please follow along with this infographic:
        • Ensure that NinjaTrader has been added to any 'Exceptions' or 'Allowed Programs/Apps' kind of list within your antivirus software.
        • If you need to add NinjaTrader manually, the file path is as follows:
        • This PC > Local Disk (C: > Program Files > NinjaTrader 8 > bin > NinjaTrader.exe
        • Ensure that your computer is not turning off your Network Adapter to conserve power:
        • Right-click on your Start button
        • Select 'Device Manager'
        • Expand 'Network Adapters'
        • Right-click on your Network Adapter and select Properties > Power Management
        • Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' option
        • Click 'OK' to save the changes
        • Do this for all Network Adapters
        • Clear your DNS
        • Open the Command Prompt by clicking the Windows icon and typing "Command"
        • Select 'Command Prompt'
        • Either copy and paste or type the following command: ipconfig /flushdns
        • Press Enter to make it run

        If the platform is still losing connection, you may use these additional steps and questions to look into the network issues further:
        • Run a Trace Route Command to test the delay between each server on the way to the necessary servers:
          • Right-click on the Windows Start Icon and click "Command Prompt"
          • Either manually type or copy and paste the text from below and press Enter to run the command
        • If you have a 2nd computer at your location you can install NinjaTrader on, do that and try connecting to the account
          • If it is still blocked and not working, that points to the Network/Internet
          • If it works, that points to something on the original PC preventing the connection
        • If you have a 2nd connection at your location like a mobile hotspot, connect to it and then try to connect to your account
          • If it is still blocked, this points to something with the Account or local PC/Platform settings
          • If it works, this points to the Network/Internet Connection in use

        If you perform all of the steps above and are still having connection stability issues, there are no further steps that we would be able to recommend as this indicates a problem somewhere further down the network path. If the issue persists after completing all of the steps above, you must contact your ISP or a Network Technician and let them know you are experiencing network connectivity issues to the following IP Addresses and get further help looking into what is preventing the connection.If you would like further information about what happened within your platform, please use the steps below to send us a message with your log and trace files attached so we may look into this behavior further:
        • Go to the Control Center > Help > Email Support
        • Select: Platform Technical Support
        • Enter the subject as: Clayton ATTN 03652299"
        • Include any additional information in the Body as desired
        • Ensure the "Log and trace files" box is checked
          • Send the email
        ​Please let us know if we may provide any further assistance.
        Clayton G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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