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How many windows is reasonable?

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    How many windows is reasonable?


    I'm starting to track a dozen different markets across multiple timeframes.

    As I nail down how I'm going to do this I wanted to ask you guys about how many windows is too many? I'm sure it would depend on how much junk I have loaded onto the charts so this might not be a question that you can answer without more info.

    My concern is running into performance problems as a result of having too many windows. I haven't come across this yet but wanted to get out ahead of it.

    How can I monitor this myself?

    Any best practices?

    First, make sure you study this page, esp tip #20.


    In my experience ...

    If simply scrolling the chart becomes sluggish, hello, you're
    approaching the limits for your setup.

    If you see sluggish response to your other mouse clicks, that's
    also a clue.

    If changing parameters of an indicator seems to 'pause' NT for
    an excessive amount of time while it reloads the chart, same
    thing, you've found the edges of the limits of your setup.

    If you can only load 1 or 2 days into a chart, because anything
    extra takes forever for the chart to load, well, you might have
    found a limit.

    Definitions of 'sluggish' and 'excessive amount of time' and 'forever'
    are in the eye of the beholder.


      Hello WalterSkinner,

      Thank you for your post.

      bltdavid really hit the nail on the head here. The performance tips page is going to be the best source of proactive steps that you can take to make sure your workspace is best optimized. I've also included a link to this page as well;

      With regard to the question of how many windows is too many, everyone's PC is different and it's really going to be depend on both your PC specs and the configuration of your workspace. You may have to tinker around with things to find the limit for your particular PC. One other great tools aside from the performance tips is the 'NinjaScript Utilization Monitor'. To open the NinjaScript Utilization Monitor:
      • Control Center > New > NinjaScript Output
      • Right-click within the NinjaScript output window > Select 'NinjaScript Utilization Monitor...
      • This window will begin to populate with NinjaScript items in order of time spent processing
      • Let this window populate for at least a few minutes then send me a screenshot of it's contents
      This window will give you insight into the time spent processing for each script objects, including any third party add-ons. if you see something taking significantly longer than other items, this may be at the root of performance-related issue and can be removed from the workspace to see if there is a positive impact on the performance of the workspace after.

      Lastly, keep in mind that volatility can also sometimes be the difference between a functional and non-functional workspace. If you are seeing performance problems begin to occur during periods of heightened volatility, you may still want to streamline the workspace by removing a few items.

      This thread will be open for any users is they'd like to comment on any specific information that they may have about their own setups.

      Please let us know if we may assist you any further in the future.
      Zachary S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        To help Users to comment, I’d suggest you give more detail on what you have in mind…
        So far, we know you want to monitor a dozen markets……
        If you give some detail as to what you’d like for each instrument it would give other Users more to go on to share experience.

        I would offer a general statement fwiw - pc hardware is rarely found to be a bottleneck I.e. I can’t recall anyone ever fixing a performance issue by upgrading their pc

        Re: best practice for building your workspace I’d suggest stress-testing each ‘build’ starting with the lightest ‘least junk’ as you put it on each chart. E.g. you want MTF & 12 instruments. Let’s say 1hr, 15m, 5m or whatever you have in mind. & a couple of shiny must-have indicators. Build a workspace with just that, add ChartLagMeasurement add-on (search Forum) & a PC Clock sync then take your Workspace to NY Open or FOMC & see if it keeps up.

        But the above might be a waste of page if your interest is in trading Pork Bellies & Soy Beans on the 4hrly candles during Asia…..



          Thanks for all of the insightful comments guys, exactly what I was hoping to learn.


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