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Adding a new instrument

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    Adding a new instrument

    First , I have to say that I really like the charts and capabilities of NT.
    However, Looking at this forum, I see an old discussion of at least 4 years on NT's capabilities in adding new instruments. It's a shame that this cant be resolved in 4 years .. I am also , just about to abort NT due to this issue.

    Now , all I want to do is see a chart of a certain stock, and a few hours later I still did not manage to do so.
    I am currently using IB as my data provider.

    The initial problem:
    Error on loading chart for 'AMBA Default':Unable to change order: Please assign an additional exchange to this instrument in the instrument Manager AMBA Default

    So I went through the cumbersome mechanism of adding the instrument. I must be doing something wrong, since I got a new error message :
    Error on loading chart data for 'AMBA Default:' IB Error in requesting historical data from IB: No security definition has been found for the request(200)

    Can you post a comprehensive guide on how to add an instrument , with all the relevant screens and necessary parameters for using different data providers (my case, IB) ?
    By the way what's the difference between an "Instrument" and a "Master Instrument" ?



    Thank you for your post.

    Based on the error message provided this issue relates to the exchange setting which is currently being used. (Default is currently used which is incorrect) Which exchange does TWS report this instrument uses if you bring up the instrument within that platform?
    KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Can you answer the following:
      What is the difference between an "Instrument" and a "Master Instrument" ?
      Is there a guide on how to add Instruments , including all details/parameters/screens ?
      Specifically this stock is reported as Nasdaq. Why can't NT get this parameter via the TWS API ? Its really cumbersome to add this for every stock used ...


        Hello Leope,

        Thank you for the follow up.

        The "Master Instrument" is just the field where you define the name used for the Instrument in NinjaTrader.

        NinjaTrader comes pre-loaded with the most commonly traded instruments however, you may find the need to add an additional instrument. Please follow the instructions below to add an instrument in the Instrument Manager.
        • From the NinjaTrader Control Center window select the menu Tools > Instrument Manager
        • Press the "New" button
        • *Enter in instrument specific information and select the appropriate exchange (add Default exchange for equities in addition to the actual exchange)
        • Fill in any relevant information under the "Misc" tab such as symbol mapping for your target connectivity provider
        • Press the "OK" button

        * If you wish to add an equity, this can be accomplished without following the steps above. Just open a chart (for example) and start typing in the symbol and a new instrument is automatically created.
        The instrument is now added to the master instrument list. Please follow the instructions below if you want to add this instrument to an instrument list.
        • Select the instrument list you wish to add the instrument to via the "Instrument lists" drop down list in the upper left hand corner
        • Select the exchange (Default recommend for equities) as this will route orders to your broker smart routing system
        • Select the appropriate expiration date if this is a futures instrument
        • Press the "<" button to add the instrument to the list

        You are now complete and can press the "OK" button.

        Here is a Vidteractive Brokers showing the process of adding an instrument to NinjaTrader: eo Example with In

        Help Guide on the Instrument Manager:

        In regards to receiving the exchange from the TWS API, I would need to check with development on the behavior of the API and follow up with you.
        Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks for the detailed answer.
          I followed the procedure outlined in the link below.
          It works most to the times, however I do have some stocks for which I still get the "Unable to subscribe to market data " error. The problematic symbols I have: LB , TRLA, UGAZ,
          In other cases I got "Error on loading chart data". Example: YELP
          So something is still not working.
          I have to say, this is really frustrating .
          Despite the fact that I really like NT, I think I am going to have to drop it for now, as it is clearly immature (at least its connectivity to IB).
          Let me know if there is another solution.


            Hello Leope,

            Thank you for the follow up and I am glad to hear you were able to get data for most instruments.

            In regards to these problematic symbols that you are not able to receive data for, I can assist further if you would like.

            Please send a note to Support [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com with "ATTN: Ryan L." in the subject line.

            In the message, please include the following:
            1.) A link to this forum thread.
            2.) Your latest log and trace file:
            You will find the log file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Log folder.
            • The log file will be named "log.20140212.txt"

            You will find the trace file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.
            • The trace file will be named "trace.20140212.txt"
            Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Hello Ryan,
              I appreciate your prompt & excellent support ! Thanks !
              I don't know what happened - but I closed all my TWS & NT sessions and restarted and things now seem to work - I can get market data for all stocks with no error messages !
              Once again, Thanks !


                Hello Leope,

                Thank you for the follow up and I am glad to hear that these instruments are being received successfully now.
                Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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