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    I've looked through all the partners o here who are Ninja Script consultants and was looking for some recommendations from others on here whom have used any of the consultants or know of which offer a better price. All input on helping me decided on which of them to go with would be of most Thanks - Mike

    I just used Affordable Indicators the other day to modify an existing indicator; Ben was informative, quick, and he did not charge me an arm & a leg to do the work


      YMMV depending on the work needed

      Originally posted by mdsvtr View Post
      I've looked through all the partners o here who are Ninja Script consultants and was looking for some recommendations from others on here whom have used any of the consultants or know of which offer a better price. All input on helping me decided on which of them to go with would be of most Thanks - Mike

      Price is what you make of it. There are easy ways to do things .... look at code in the downloads and start modifying to get the best price possible!

      I have used 5 different consultants to write everything from an indicator to multi-timeframe strategy. I have had everything that can go wrong, go wrong, so patience and a detailed requirement is ###1 !! I have even had one programmer send me a strategy he was making for someone else (in error) of a completely different design. Another tried to update an indicator of my own design when the original programmer would not answer my emails to do that update: he found some parts of the code had big problems, and I knew there were issues but just couldnt locate them myself.

      Most consultants do contribute to this or other forums, and have examples of their work available on their websites. Depending on how busy they are, your choices may be marred by availability.

      So far, IMHO, Anthony ( is doing an excellent workmanship on strategy, and I can say that after having strategy built by two other consultants.

      Disclaimer:::OF COURSE YOUR EXPERIENCE MAY BE DIFFERENT. Even with those that I found to be less than easy to work with. So, take care and good luck. I can only share my experience, I wish you well on your choice whatever it may be.



        I just noticed this thread so not sure if you're still looking. But I give another thumbs up for Anthony at He just finished creating, what I consider to be, a complicated strategy for me. It works great. He's also been awesome at following up to make sure everything is as I wanted it to be.

        Initially I sent detailed info on what I wanted in a strategy to all the listed consultants, as well as through some PM's. Out of all of them Anthony seemed the most willing to work at understanding what I wanted, make sure we were on the same page, and also suggested alternate ways to get the results I wanted and explained the how's and why's.
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          Thanks to........

          Trader.Jon and Trankuility. I will be sending him an e-mail with attatchments of my Indicator settings as well as some setups/Triggers of the Trades I take. My only proplem may be that Iuse Ensign Software formy charts and the 2 Indicators I use are very specific to the capabilities only found in Ensign. But I will none the less give Anthony a shot. If you don't mind, can you give me an average hourly or average rate at which he charges to customize/ automate a Strategy using a few Indicators as confirmation for entering trades? Thanks again - Mike


            Don't think it would be prudent to discuss the rates here. But I will say that his rate was fair and competitive.

            Send a detailed message about what you want in a strategy to each of the listed consultants, and ask for a price quote. You'll quickly get a feel for which consultants will be the best fit for you.


              Anthony at PureLogikTrading

              I was having a difficult time getting some indicators transfered from Ninja 6.5 to the new Ninja 7 and Anthony from PureLogik Trading stepped up & had the issues resloved in a matter of hours which he did on the weekend & at the best rate I have ever experienced .
              He was kind enough to fix my problem at no charge which is rare in this day & age.
              He is top notch in my books & I will be working with him further on a paid basis on some more difficult programming , with out hesitation as some of these program issues can take many hours days & weeks to resolve


                I'm commenting a bit late here, but if you are still searching for programmers, I have had good experience with Fin-alg listed on the Ninja site. He was quick to understand what I was looking for and has been quite helpful in keeping his work compatible with the numerous NT 7 releases.

                I didn't hire him on price alone, but his prices seem fair to me.


                  I would also highly recommend Their off-the-shelf products are well thought out and they provide prompt and thorough support. You can tell they are very dedicated in making sure they deliver great products to their customers. I can't say enough about their follow-up and customer support.

                  I rely alot on backtesting to help test my trading ideas. They not only offered a great custom solution, but walked me through it and even spent over an hour on the phone to help me solve a problem that was completely unrelated to their product. The first time I used PureLogik, they wrote a custom Ninja Script for me. I later purchased their RenkoLogik product. (which, by the way, is great for those that backtest and trade using renko charts).
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                    Pure Logik Experience

                    Greetings Everyone - I am mid-stream into a large project with Anthony and so impressed thus far that I must share my experience - for starters, I can completely agree with all the positive things each of the other members posted on this thread - I'm am even more impressed after reading those posts because it is evident that Anthony treats all of his clients with the same degree of professionalism, integrity and respect and is a testament of the outstanding experience that I am about to share.

                    I decided to work with Anthony after contacting 9-10 ninja script consultants (both on and off shore). I have a rather complex and big project that I spent intensive hours designing and defining after several years of market dabbling and research. I narrowed down to 3 developers that provided competitive and reasonable bids within the same range. I found Anthony to be the most responsive and made the decision to work with him after a 2 hour session discussing each of my requirements in detail. Anthony truly impressed me with this thorough understanding and in depth knowledge of the Ninja Trader platform and the intricacies in developing a Ninja Trader automated strategy whilst addressing critical points to make sure that the strategy will work real time (many strategies will work fine in simulation mode, but fail in live mode as a result of neglecting such critical points).

                    I myself am a professional engineer and have very high technical aptitude (although not a programmer) I am very keen on automated technologies and am very familiar with Ninja Trader myself (having been through most of the user guide in detail), so I was able to truly appreciate Anthony's knowledge of the platform. Although some of the other developers that I spoke with were also very competent in their skill, they weren't quite as personable and readily responsive as Anthony. As a result I just didn't quite feel comfortable handing over my proprietary research and design ideas over to them and jumping into such a complex project risking my budget.

                    Furthermore, several of the competent developers (not all) that I spoke with made me feel as if they were doing me a favor by reviewing my information and accepting my project, and did not really treat me as a respected client whose business they were trying to earn. Anthony has remained refreshingly humble during the entire process and has valued the importance in developing a solid client relationship. Anthony made sincere effort to clearly understand all of my requirements and project intricacies. He made constructive alternative recommendations to tackle certain parts of my project and provided a well thought out estimate as opposed to skimming my shell and throwing out a figure only to boost it up by multiples shortly into the process (I speak from experience). Considering, what I know now about Anthony's skill and capabilities, I really can't understand how other consultants can take on such haughty nonchalant attitudes - This speaks volumes about Anthony's professional demeanor and humility.

                    One thing that struck me about Pure Logik Trading before I even submitted a bid request is a statement on Anthony's website "We believe engineering is a Passion first, Hobby second, and Career third." This was very important to me, but I was honestly skeptical about this statement before I started working with Anthony, as you'll find such statements all over the place on the internet and it's nothing far of hallow when it comes to delivery. I mention this now, because I'm very pleased to say that as far as my experience is concerned, Anthony has lived up to this statement and is indeed passionate about his engineering - why is this important to me (as a fellow engineer myself)? Well, because I have a very complex strategy that Anthony is programming for me, and without the passion and self delight in logically programming something great, I wouldn't be convinced that he or any developer could deliver the intricate requirements that I've documented for my strategy on time and the agreed upon budget.

                    I've worked with many developers on many other projects of my own and they've either low balled the bid to win the project then scale up the price once they dive into the project or simply not deliver and completely waste my time (I've experienced something similar with one developer before I started working with Anthony - he couldn't deliver a small piece of the pie (one of my project milestones with Anthony), that Anthony executed for me perfectly within a reasonable time frame upon project commencement.

                    My project is not yet complete, but because it is large I went into it with realistic expectations and defined milestones - Anthony delivered several of those milestones executed to my complete satisfaction and was very patient and even generous with me in adding several additional features not originally defined. He is truly a professional and meant it when he agreed to complete user acceptance (within reason of course).

                    Anthony is a very skilled programmer and upon inspection of the code that he developed for me (over 2500 lines so far) in comparison to other Ninja script consultants who claim to provide well documented, properly written, organized code (most do) Anthony's work is superior. By profession I am a managing engineering consultant at one of the largest renowned global companies, and regularly interview and evaluate technical talent to make hiring recommendations - In my humble yet professional opinion there are developers and there are DEVELOPERS! Anthony is of the superior breed. I have run across a few ninja script consultants of this caliber, but the problem for the little guy like me is that they charge an arm and a leg and quote outrageous and unreasonable prices for their work or not very responsive, and on top of that you have to buy their nonchalant attitude unless you're Ted Billionaire and have the money to steam down their demeanor, (IMHO if you didn’t have PureLogik to turn to, you're better off going off shore and getting the same competency in delivery if you can deal with the occasional language barrier and or e-mail/IM communication only - ideal for the person who is extremely skilled at documenting and illustrating their design, ideas and requirements…) Honestly I just can't say enough positive things about Pure Logik Trading!

                    As far as confidentiality goes, I do not have any concerns as Anthony signed a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to the commencement of my project.
                    I hope I have been able to provide the insight you are looking for in choosing a consultant to work with.

                    I can't speak for anyone else, but as far as I am concerned, I do not believe that I will work with anyone else but Anthony on my future projects (if he'll accept them of course) - After working with Anthony, I feel completely justified in paying the premium than hiring any off shore consultant, especially when it comes to matters of trading systems that are intricate and require such great deal of attention, confidentiality and specialized expertise.

                    Cheers and Happy Systematic Trading!

                    P.S. you’ll notice this is my first post on this support forum, and I registered solely to make this post because clearly I feel so strongly about my experience – I am an extremely busy individual so please accept my sincere apologies if you do not get replies from me regarding questions pertaining to this post right away. Thank you.


                      thanks for the information
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                        I have found Anthony VERY reliable and holds himself to a high ethical and professional standard. It seems he really enjoys what he does and it is reflected in his attitude and the way he treats his clients. This includes his delivery timeline. He also responds to emails very quickly even if he is out of his office. I recommend him highly.



                          Thank you Anthony

                          I just want to thank you for your professionalism and great help.
                          you have done a great job programing my indicators as per my request and never failed me. you are always willing to help no matter what.

                          Thank you again
                          Much appreciated



                            Ninja Consultant

                            Anthony of did a great job fixing a logic issue I had difficulty solving myself. In fact, my frustration with this particularly issue was on the high side.

                            His communication is first class and responds to emails quickly. Highly recommended if you need a professional ninjatrader programmer who does an excellent job.



                              I have been working with anthony for around 6 months on several projects and his work ethic and ability to code some very difficult concepts is outstanding. I have used several programmers in the past and by far anthony stands out above the rest. We have just embarked on a new project and look forward to several more years of working together.


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