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NT8 Trend Channel problems.

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    NT8 Trend Channel problems.

    When starting to draw the Trend channel it will hang up at or just after starting....the 2 end dots will sometimes be almost on top of each other....have to then go to Task Manager to shut down....just had 3 crashes in a row like this. Never saw this in 7.

    Also, at odd times when you draw the trend channel the parallel line will start to draw at random chart point at the same time....this has happened a number of OK most of the time...also never saw this in 7...

    No studies on the tick replay....
    note--chart tools set to snap to bar mode

    Screen shot below...

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    Last edited by Alfred; 11-26-2016, 09:57 PM.

    Hello Alfred,

    What version of NinjaTrader are you using?
    (Help -> About...)

    I am unable to reproduce this behavior by drawing a trend channel.

    The Snap mode is set to Bar.

    Are there any other steps to reproduce the behavior?
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      NT 7 & NT 8 Trend Channel Differences

      NT 7 & NT 8 Trend Channel Differences...

      In NT7 the trend channel draws the trend line first, then ending it by a click the Parallel line is turned on at the end of the trend Channel ready to be moved to a preferred location. This has always worked very well.

      In NT8 as one draws the trend channel the Parallel Line sometimes also starts to draw at the same time from an arbitrary point someplace on the chart. Then upon ending the trend line the already drawn parallel line then jumps to the end of the trend line to be located as one may wish as in NT7. Cannot seem to find why sometimes behaves like this and most of the time like the NT7 version

      Could something now be in the code of the NT8 version that allows the NT8 total system crashes I have seen occasionally when attempting to set up this tool ??....have seen this happen a fair number of times....and it seems arbitrary when it may did not get these crashes at all in the NT7 version....

      I tried deleting the Trend Chanel tool in drawing templates....but that so far is up in the air whether it makes a difference in potential crashes... Am using NT ....have gotten the different behavior and crashes in both snap disabled and snap to bar....

      Thanks. much.......
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        Making headway with reproducing

        Making headway I think with reproducing the hang-up & crash...

        Just had 3 or 4 pretty much identical crashes...screen shots below...
        If you start to place trend line at top of bar (or maybe the bottom ??)...then as you begin to pull away from the initial click....the trend line wants to stick on the bar and maybe move a very small amount vertically down the bar then locks up and NT crashes...the first 3 screen shots below are examples of this....then the 4th shot is after restart of 3rd shot ....the trend line breaks loose from being locked on bar and moves to its correct position (the pen in screen shot 3)....I do not know how it decided to place the parallel line where it landed.

        Also on another machine have seen the initial lock up and if you wait patiently....sometimes it may eventually break loose and allow you to complete the parallel line maybe....

        This was snap disabled....5th shot is data window for chart....

        Thanks much........
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          Here is a video of the Trend Channel applied in NT8...shows behavior different (described below) than in NT7,

          In latest NT8 version...1 days replay data...snap set to bar....replay turned off after chart indicators on chart. Screen shot of data below.

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