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    FXCM connectivity

    FXCM connectivity for Ninjatrader has now been down for 3 days. Is anyone else suffering the same?

    Error from the trace logs

    2023-11-15 07:25:26:455 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.onSessionStatusChanged0: status='Connected' connectionStatus='Connecting'
    2023-11-15 07:25:26:513 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.onSessionStatusChanged1: CONNECTION_NAME='GBREAL' EXT_PRICE_TERMINAL='PREAL4_PRICES'
    2023-11-15 07:25:27:004 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts
    2023-11-15 07:25:27:005 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts.Auth0
    2023-11-15 07:25:27:326 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts.Auth2: ex='The remote server returned an error: (520).'
    2023-11-15 07:25:27:328 (FXCM (LIVE)) Fxcm.Adapter.GetAccounts6: ex.Message='Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.'​

    Been like this since Monday mid-day. Interested to know if others are affected too.


    Hello pjsmith ​,

    Thank you for using NinjaTrader.

    Our development team has been made aware of a change that FXCM has made on the backend and is investigating the matter.

    Is this for a live account or a demo account?

    Thank you in advance.
    Luis H.NinjaTrader Customer Service



      Live accounts. And, of course, bear in mind that I CANNOT upgrade to the 8.1 series due to incompatibilities with the 8.0 series (as well as personal preferences). I sincerely hope that any fix will be backported to this release.


        Whilst talking to the development team on this, and I think I posted in another thread elsewhere. The 8.x series appears to be using an outdated _BETA_ version of the FXCM API. It was updated a long time ago. Over a year, I think. Stability and performance enhancements are quoted. It would be worth mentioning to them, perhaps! ( I would add that the update should be a simple swap of the API library, without any other code changes)
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          Yes, I have been without any connectivity since Midday Monday too. All Ninjatrader support did was make me upgrade to which made no difference of course and then made me do it again when the 520 problem still occurred. I have since contacted FXCM and got this reply below - also unhelpful. No idea of when it will be resolved. I informed ninjatrader support of this but they did not appear to be aware that FXCM were having some kind of technical problem (otherwise they would have mentioned it?).
          Dear Client,

          There was an issue reported recently with the NinjaTrader platform and our technical teams are working to resolve it.

          We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please try to use a different platform such as the Trading Station in the meantime to manage your trades.

          If we could further assist, please let us know.

          Best regards,

          Georgi Georgiev
          Senior Financial Services Representative


            I emailed Ninjatrader support about this informing them before I posted. What was annoying about the emailed response I got, is that it was a scripted one, to reset the router, check DNS, etc.. My email was short and clear and I provided the trace log lines as in my post here clearly showing I was connected to FXCM servers and that their servers were not responding correctly. So, either that tech was incompetent, or just did not even bother to read my email. Worse, multiple people are submitting requests for assistance re the same issue and getting the same responses, so obviously no-one there realises that many people are suddenly reporting the same issue. And of course, now we have the silent treatment again with no idea on a ETA for resolution.



              I also have no connection to FXCM. I also made an issue on Monday(?). But nothing happened. I am now working now with TradingView. NT with FXCM is the worst thing that can actually happen.


                It's a shame because the technology is there. It's a better solution for some, especially those outside of the US. There just seems to be (I expect for commercial reasons), no desire to really support it, or make it as great as it could be. That to me is a great shame as I realise how little work would be involved to push it ahead of the rest. All the pieces are there. Again, I suspect it is purely a commercial decision to behave this way, NT's model having evolved (or devolved) over the years.


                  Forex generally seems to be deprecated by management policy. Most regrettably!

                  FXCM has issues that have been there for years, and which I have documented in detail and been told many times that "we're aware and working on them".

                  FXCM demo accounts are no longer available except by obtaining a "standard" demo account from FXCM and pestering FXCM every time to change "hedging" to "netting" and remove the symbol limit.

                  Worse, Index is also riddled with issues. My extensive reports to both NinjaTrader and Index caused a bit of activity for a while, but that was at least a year ago, and the same lack of obvious improvement is the result.

                  The free Forex data feed that was such an immensely sensible offering for years was removed this year, ostensibly for low usage statistics.

                  Even various other brokers that were at one point available and offered Forex have been made "no longer available/supported".

                  TD Ameritrade, "now" Schwab, is a mess, and even though it started offering Forex this year, is unlikely ever to be supported for that by NinjaTrader.

                  Frequent issues with Interactive Brokers (IB) connectivity software revisions cause headaches, with an API that could well be "enhanced" if both organisations were of a mind to do so.

                  And not surprisingly, the less "support" for Forex, the less the interest from potential paying customers, which causes a further reduction in support and facilitation "because of lack of interest", and so on until it becomes self-fulfilling that "people don't seem to want Forex anymore".

                  It's all symptomatic of recoiling from Forex and focussing on Futures, particularly in the context of the in-house brokerage, where major profits come from being the broker.

                  ​Compound all that with the repeated major quality control issues in so many releases, and one has to ask what management can possibly be thinking!

                  The almost complete lack of transparency in the company to loyal (still, surprisingly!) customers has been the way for almost its entire existence, and continues to indicate extremely low respect for the customer base generally. This does not mean that everyone in the organisation is of the same mindset, fortunately. Some notable exceptions try diligently, despite adverse policy, to be as helpful as possible -- all credit to them! Would that management more broadly could have the vital epiphany they need to really transform the company into the amazing technology and service/customer-oriented organisation it could be (including excellent Forex support) ... but which all too rapidly it is diverging catastrophically from.

                  Forex is unlikely to recover without that radically transformative experience in NinjaTrader Management. Foolishly, my naïve heart still hopes that's possible.

                  Multi-Dimensional Managed Trading
                  NinjaTrader Ecosystem Vendor - Mizpah Software


                    Amen. Thank you for your post.


                      Thank you. I think you covered pretty much all the bases there and I agree. It's interesting to see others' observations about this situation, and I cannot say they are far from my own. That lack of transparency and customer engagement probably infuriates me the most!

                      I used IB for many years with NT, but despite the IB API improvements, NT never really caught up.


                        Hi all,

                        I'm surprised I didn't find this thread the first time I googled it. Thought it was a single problem. I've also had this error since Monday. I've spoken to FXCM several times and contacted Ninjatrader Support, but only silence.


                          I had connectivity to FXCM all week but last connected Sunday night so maybe it stayed up all that time from that login, but have just lost connection (16:58 GMT) and can't reconnect. I use a VPN and can connect to Kinetick and access webpages so not an Internet issue.


                            Am on the latest NT version, connection light is staying yellow, and here is the trace log:

                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:458 NinjaTrader.Gui.ControlCenter.OnConnectionStatus: Status=Connecting
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:795 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.Connect3
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:840 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.Connect4
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:847 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.Connect6: version=''
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:848 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.Connect7
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:877 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.onSessionStatusChanged0: status='Connecting' connectionStatus='Connecting'
                            2023-11-16 17:28:58:877 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Cbi.Connection.Connect9 ok
                            2023-11-16 17:29:05:731 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.onSessionStatusChanged0: status='Connected' connectionStatus='Connecting'
                            2023-11-16 17:29:05:787 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.onSessionStatusChanged1: CONNECTION_NAME='GBREAL' EXT_PRICE_TERMINAL='PREAL4_PRICES'
                            2023-11-16 17:29:06:101 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts
                            2023-11-16 17:29:06:103 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts.Auth0
                            2023-11-16 17:29:06:228 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.OnGetAccounts.Auth2: ex='The remote server returned an error: (520).'
                            2023-11-16 17:29:06:230 (My NinjaTrader FXCM) Fxcm.Adapter.GetAccounts6: ex.Message='Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.'​


                              Yes, it's the reconnect that gets you. I was connected at the time but had to reload NT8. That's when I got the issue too.


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