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Workspace Charts not restoring to prior location

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    Workspace Charts not restoring to prior location

    Only happens in NT8 .... This didn't happen in NT7

    This happens all the time, not just now and then.

    It happens on both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

    Where the panels are restored seems to be completely random.

    I have four monitors and use programs called Dexpot and MaxTo to manage the screen areas.

    Dexpot allows me to have multiple virtual desktops

    MaxTo allows me to move a chart quickly to another area on the panels, maximize, restore down easily with just hot keys. (key assignments don't conflict with Windows Hot Keys)

    No problem with NT7.

    Porting now to NT8.

    Want to fix

    Just chiming in ‘cos Support don’t seem as responsive as they used to be, & I may have some info I can contribute from experience of this

    At it’s’ heart I believe your ‘issue’ may be to do with the change in Windows Windows used in 8 vs 7. Memory is sketchy but 8 uses ‘wpf’ which 7 didn’t - & the change introduced issues of the nature you describe.

    I’m not familiar with the tools you are using, but can say that many of the type don’t play nicely with .wpf Windows.

    I use multi-monitors and the graphics cards have their own desktop management software so I know it can be done

    Windows had their own powertoy, called
    FancyZones iirc & even it didn’t work with .wpf.

    I suggest looking into .wpf, your own tools & compatibility issues

    Hope this helps. My experience was a long time ago when I migrated 7 to 8 so may be out of date.



      Ok, thanks....if you remember what you did, let me know.

      There is no problem moving the chart windows with MaxTo,...that works well.

      Dexpot is not used to move Charts, just to manage multiple virtual desktops...

      It seems Ninja 8 gets mixed up where the windows positioned are when it is saving the Workspace...seems that is where the problem is...when Ninja is saving the Workspaces....


        I have an 8 screen setup, and do not have this problem. I do not use either of the tools you listed. Windows has built in virtual desktop. I have used the Fancy Zones power toy and it does not work with NinjaTrader but it works just fine with my own WPF app (used for something else).

        NinjaTrader doesn't use the system title bar for its windows and I suspect that is why its not working with Fancy Zones. It may also be why it doesn't quite cooperate with the tools you are using as well.

        Further the maximize functionality of their windows also behaves differently. I have Windows set up to show me a taskbar on every monitor. When I maximize a NinjaTrader window and its not on my primary display it hides the task bar. I found this so annoying that I wrote my own custom code which provides my own maximize button that will not hide the task bar when used. That code though won't provide the support for it to work with other tools as it manually checks the screen the window is on and just fits it to the entire screen minus the task bar.

        The only time I have seen NinjaTrader not put windows back in the correct location or have them move is if one of the monitors is turned off or removed from the setup.


          1) After a little test....It seems the problem is MaxTo is moving the windows for some weird reason....I'll have to see if there is a setting...this is a great utility....I use it a lot to "dock" my charts...

          2) when I "dock" a chart to a smaller region, the ChartTrader on the chart resizes itself ... then when I restore the chart to Full Screen the Chart Trader is too skinny to be useful.....ntbone....can you suggest code that would restore the ChartTrader width when the chart is Maximized again?

          (was not a problem in NT7...)


            ‘Let me know what you did….’
            My needs are a little different in that I have a football pitch of monitor real-estate and my objective was to set up my new 8 workspace ‘once and for all’ as easily as possible. 8 doesn’t allow you to easily do this (duplicate windows, snap to grid etc).
            I used Nvidia’s nView desktop manager which allows you to do everything you want such as duplicate a windows to another monitor, workspace etc.
            It only works with Nvidia’s Quadro graphics cards so no help to you I’m afraid.

            I wasn’t aware as #ntbone reports that ‘the problems’ are specific to Ninjatrader’s implementation of .wpf and not .wpf itself - although why does this not surprise me…. (Some of the Functions available in nView don’t work with NT, e.g. Window Transparency, no surprise)

            For my use, once I had my Workspace set up how I had it in 7 I didn’t need to touch it further. The only ‘thing’ I do occasionally is to Maximise a Window to Fullscreen and then Restore it again and the Windows shortcuts work for this, although not available in the Window menu itself.
            Ninja seem to have ‘forced’ their own custom Menu system on top of the industry standard - a complete abomination from the get-go when I first objected to it, falling in deaf ears.
            In 7, I had macros using Windows shortcuts to do all manner of time-saving procedures all wiped out by NinjaNonsense. In the early iterations of 8 sometimes the Windows menus would miraculously appear refusing to be subjugated by Ninja’s own.
            #ntbone has enlightened me on another ‘quirk’ re: Taskbar Menu behaviour I couldn’t be bothered with entering the rabbit-hole

            In case you aren’t aware and may help your cause (no idea how), if you right click the Ninja icon in the Taskbar you get virgin Windows options as god intended, as you do if you right click individual Windows icons if you hover and expand to list open Windows - charts, doms, control centre etc.

            Suffice to say Ninja’s ‘custom’ implementation subjugating industry-standard was flawed-thinking and poorly implemented from the outset.

            Hope something you find here helps


              you guys should look at Maxtp

              however, now with NT8 before I open a workspace I will right click the task bar Maxto, deactivate it, open the workspace, then activate Maxto.

              Unfortunately both Dexpot and Maxto have not been updated for awhile, but they still work great with Windows 10, except the "Start with Windows" doesn't work for either...but that it not a big thing

              Too bad Ninja 8 doesn't work with with Maxto. It must be because as other mention...NT 8 is not following the standards.

              On the other hand, NT 8, after my port from NT 7 (big effort), will be a big improvement in many ways.


                On the other hand, in NT 7 I often had workspaces corrupted during the save. Would not restore correctly. I had to back the workspace directly often.

                Sometimes very strange behaviors went away after I restored a workspace.


                  they would not restore correctly, or even worse, had obscure, undiagnosible errors during execution


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