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Chart is frozen but Ask and Bid on chart trader is moving

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    Chart is frozen but Ask and Bid on chart trader is moving

    I have had this issue a few times in the past but could never figure out how to fix it. I am connected to the ninjatrader continuum and the ask and bid on chart trader, basic entry and super DOM are all moving but the candles on my chart are frozen and are not moving at all. I trade off of the chart so i am unable to trade because of this. what can i do to fix this? thanks in advance.


    A reset of your instrument database should resolve this.

    To reset your instruments please follow the steps below:

    NinjaTrader 7:
    • Disconnect from your data feed: NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Disconnect> Select your data feed.
    • Reset your Instruments: NinjaTrader Control Center> Tools> Options> Data tab> Reset Instruments>OK.
    • Restart NinjaTrader> Connect (NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Connect> Select your connection.

    NinjaTrader 8:
    1. First, disconnect from any data providers by navigating to the Control Center > Connections menu, and left-click on “disconnect” that appears to the right when hovering your mouse over any active connection
    2. Next, reset your instruments by navigating to the Control Center > Tools > Database Management
    3. In the Database Management window, under the “Update instruments” section, ensure that “General properties”, "Futures expiries" and “Symbol mappings” options are checked and then click Update
    4. Lastly, restart NinjaTrader for the changes to occur

    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.
    Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I've tried this several times but i keep running into the same issue. It will sometimes fix itself on its own but then will randomly stop working,



        Please send me your log and trace files so that I may look into what occurred.

        You can do this by going to the Control Center-> Help-> Email Support

        Ensuring 'Log and Trace Files' is checked will include these files. This is checked by default.

        Please reference the following ticket number in the body of the email: 2828423
        Ryan S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          hey man have u gotten this fixed i know its been 4 years but i can just see this is a reoccurring problem for many with no fix.


            Hello mathewlo,

            Thank you very much for your post and welcome to the NinjaTrader forums.

            If this occurs, it usually indicates the trading hour template you selected excludes the current time.

            As the chart still receives real-time data, this would be reported in the Ask/Bid area, but no candles would be drawn if it is outside the current trading hours.

            You may also test this by changing the trading hour template of your data series e.g. to "Default 24x7".

            To review the default trading hour template associated with an instrument, please click on Tools > Instruments, and search for the instrument in question.

            All trading hour templates may be found under Tools > Trading Hours.

            Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions about this!
            Manfred F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              hey NinjaTrader_Manfred
              sadly ive done this two days ago and it hasnt worked, ive even reinstalled ninjatrader twice and got the update, currently emailing the customer service but nothing seems to be working. ive tried all sorts of things since i can usually trouble shoot most problems myself, but nothing seems to work, even deleted most of the files and then put them back in after realizing it didnt change anything. do you have any other ideas?
              Last edited by mathewlo; 04-17-2024, 09:39 PM.


                Hello mathewlo,

                Thank you very much for your reply.

                Once we have received your email, we should be able to track down what occurred.

                If you have not yet contacted us, you can do this directly through the NinjaTrader Desktop platform, this would also include your log & trace files, allowing us to assist you directly.

                You can do this by going to the Control Center -> Help -> Email Support

                Please select "Platform Technical Support" as the recipient and enter a brief note in the message referring to this post.

                Thank you in advance, I look forward to your email!​
                Manfred F.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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