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alert objects have gone missing

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    alert objects have gone missing

    i just started using the alert function and set up several alerts on different charts but now the objects section of the different alerts is blank and of course the alerts aren't functioning because they just have a name and instrument and condition....
    i can't remember if they stopped working after a shutdown and restart or when but i did try shutting down and completely rebooting and still no objects listed in the alerts - these are all indicator alerts based on NT factory indicators...

    it seems odd to that the instrument is also labeled as object in the dialog box...

    where are the alert conditions stored so i can keep an eye on the folder


    oops, forgot to mention - i've not been able to get the cross above cross below alert to work using an SMA - Instrument/Close/crossabove/indicatorSMA24 and Instrument/Close/crossbelow/indicatorSMA24
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    I removed your log and trace folders from your post. I would recommend that you never post this information publicly as they can contain sensitive information.

    Alerts are saved as part of your workspace in your chart windows. They do not have a specific folder. If you wanted to monitor anything. you would want to monitor Documents > NinjaTrader 8 > workspaces folder, however, there is no way to specifically monitor changes to these files because of alerts.

    Do you recall when the alerts ceased to be configured as they were previously? Was it earlier today? Please be as specific as possible.

    Do you recall if you had changed instruments on any of your chart windows before the alerts stopped functioning?

    For the cross above/below, have you tested the condition you're using while connected to the Simulated Data Feed? The Simulated Data Feed allows you to trend the market up and down so that testing alerts and other items are much easier to conduct.


      i'll delete the old alerts that have blank objects now and rebuild them, then attempt to be completely aware when and if they stop functioning...

      i did have one alert that worked fine that was a cross above cross below alert though it was attached to a non-NT8 factory indicator - i'll try a different moving average and see what i can get


      i closed my current workspace and started opening sequentially older workspaces before i found one from last Monday that didn't have blank objects... this is very odd because last Thursday and Friday the alerts were all working even though the workspaces i saved from those days have blank objects...
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        Hello Stafe and PatrickG.

        I have encountered the same problem as reported by Stafe, probably at a similar time IIRC i.e. very recently. About the same time my Trade Performance Date range got broken

        Some further information -
        - Same characteristics as reported by Stafe i.e noticed I was no longer getting any alerts. Don't know exactly when stopped because something that isn't constant isn't as obvious by its absence. I may even have written in to Support, but got sidetracked on another issue

        - I've checked Alerts - Objects column empty on all and every Alert
        - I have multiple workspaces and they are empty in every workspace
        - I have different types of Alert configurations, all Objects column entries gone irrespective of type
        - my alert conditions are also crosses above/below like Stafe's. Conditions are of the type 'if Data Series on price change crosses above from below offset 5 ticks Current OHL indicator Current High, play soundfile'

        Approx 206 of them in total, Object column empty. They were all previously working for some considerable period of time

        I didn't change anything. I have 3 Workspaces each containing 6 Futures instruments, each instrument having a 1-minute chart with Alerts configured. The Objects column is empty on every single one across the board, it is a 'global wipe-out', it is regardless of Workspace, Instrument, changing or not changing instrument, workspace etc etc.

        I do not have any third-party indicators of any sort.
        I have all Windows updates
        I have latest .net
        I am on latest NT8 build

        Given that Stafe's issue bears a remarkable resemblance to mine, I am not the only one experiencing it. My keen trouble-shooting nose detects a common denominator in amongst us.

        Kind regards
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          We would need the same information from you that I requested from stafe.

          Please follow up via email if you find a way to reproduce the issue after following keeping in mind the questions asked in this thread.


            What information that you asked stafe for have I not responded to below?
            Kind regards


              Originally posted by brucerobinson View Post
              What information that you asked stafe for have I not responded to below?
              Kind regards
              A reproducible scenario would be key.


                I've no idea what caused it.
                Hence I've no idea how to reproduce it.
                I've no greater accuracy wrt when than I've given you -
                around the same time as it happened on stafe's
                The same issue stafe reports.
                All Objects columns empty. All Settings reverted to Defaults.

                Suggest you have your development people have a think about what could be the cause of removal of all alert objects from all workspaces, with the same issue reported on 2 installations/users, and the 'co-incidence' of timing.
                Kind regards


                  stafe - FYI in case it is of use to know - I restored a Backup and all broken Alerts are re-instated
                  Patrick - FYI restoring a backup dated 29th June had all Alerts broken. 9th June backup had working Alerts

                  Kind regards


                    Bruce, I am not sure if there will be a way to determine why the alerts are broken in the backup files, however, I'd like to look to see if there is anything we can learn.

                    Please send the backup files to me via Send them to PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com. Make sure to include a link to this forum thread and '1937329 ATTN Patrick G' in the message.


                      Hello Patrick and thanks.
                      I doubt it also, but will send.
                      We know -
                      - after the debacle caused by incorrect documentation '0 bars look-back for Cross/Above', I set up @ 200 Alerts - duplicate 'Cross Above/Below Ninja OHL Indicators attached to numerous instruments in multiple workspaces.
                      - these numerous Alerts functioned without fail for some time
                      - restored backup 29th June has broken Alerts
                      - restored backup 9th June has working Alerts (which continue to work today)
                      - something occurred between 9th & 29th June that broke all 200 irrespective of instrument, chart, workspace, indicator attached to for condition etc
                      - I did not make any changes to any of the Alerts between 9th & 29th
                      - I did not make any changes to all or any of the charts to which the Alerts are attached between 9th & 29th
                      - the only changes I have made to my setup after 9th as far as I recall is to add OHL indicators I use on my charts, to DOMs, and I'm fairly sure this was after 29th
                      - the only other occurrence I am aware of in the period is all instruments rolled over
                      - rolling over the instruments in the 9th June restored backup has not affected the Alerts
                      That's all I can tell you.
                      Kind regards,


                        Hello Patrick,
                        I sent the backup files, however wetransfer has the appearance of having stalled at 93% hence I don't know if you will have received. If not, I'm not going to resend
                        Kind regards


                          So yesterday I spent time trying to get indicators on DOM to work (just 2 - and nothing complicated, Current & PriorOHL). I had had them working before restoring to get the Alerts back. try as I might, no way would they work on PriorOHLC yesterday, but would on CurrentDayOHL. I created a template and applied to DOMs anyhow.

                          After shut-down overnight, I re-start and lo and behold, all my PriorOHLC DOM indicators are miraculously working, alongside the CurrentDay ones.

                          Progress, perhaps...….

                          But not so quickly, wait, I don't hear any Alerts....

                          All Alerts broken once more. Exactly the same - all Objects columns empty, Settings reverted to Defaults

                          I have OHL indicators on my charts attached to Data Series using Trading Hours Session templates. They do not work correctly.

                          When setting up my charts some 8 months ago I found the Session Breaks do not work as expected. Session Break lines during the day do not appear until after the day Closes. As a workaround I use Alan_P's Repeater indicator. A workaround for something so simple on a new Version release. Beggars belief
                          I raised this with Support and behaviour was reproduced by Ryan or Riley iirc. NT7 works as expected. He reported back he was told by Development that this was 'expected behaviour in 8, that is how the logic works'.

                          I suspect all these things are related.

                          Session breaks don't work.
                          Indicators don't work
                          Alerts don't work
                          Region dates don't work

                          It is a total fiasco.

                          Kind regards


                            I restored yesterday's backup, which was a backup of the one from 9th and that was working yesterday, in which Alerts were broken this morning.
                            Alerts broken.

                            I restored backup from the day before. Alerts broken.

                            I restored backup from the day before that. Alerts working. DOM PriorDayOHL indicators working.

                            Kind regards


                              I have not yet received any of the backup files. Could you write in an email PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com with no attachments with only '1937329 ATTN Patrick G' as the subject and a link to this forum thread in the body? We can sort out how to get the files to my end once we've established initial contact.


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