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Hang - End Task - Now Hangs on Launch!

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    Hang - End Task - Now Hangs on Launch!

    It's bad here now!

    The Hang:
    I had an ATM trade running. It has 3 targets that move the stops along the way. It hit 2 targets and was very close to stopping out. I manually moved the 3rd target to be very close to the stop, in the Dynamic DOM. The stop was hit only a few seconds later. This began the hang. (Hang is defined here as NinjaTrader is not responding, on the DOM, Chart, Time & Sales and Control Center.) I allowed this hang to work itself out for 10 minutes, before pressing any NinjaTrader buttons. I confirmed by attempting to use the Control Center "File" menu.

    The End Task:
    NinjaTrader was then in a perpetual hourglass. It was "Not Responding" in Windows Task Manager, so I did an End Task.

    The NinjaTrader Launches thereafter:
    I would usually simply run NinjaTrader again, having missed the last 10-20 minutes of trading and ATM auto-trades. As I attempt to do this, it partially loads, then hangs before completion. I have several of the NT dialogs up, yet some are not completely painted. The NT splash screen still appears. It claims it is "Restoring workspace 'YM NQ SuperDOM'..." This has been here for 10-20 minutes and I have done End Task again.

    I have attempted launching NT 3 times now. This is a complete outage for me!

    Could you please tell me what to do now?? I can do nothing but await your response.


    P.S. Also note, there is a serious / critical issue that needs to be addressed in NT, during the execution of an ATM Stop or Target hit, specifically when one of them is moved and immediate execution occurs. I have had this happen at least 3 times over the past month. Although this is the 1st time I have not been able to get back into NT.
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    Hello Brian,

    Could you please send me your log and trace file. You can find these files at the following locations:

    Start Menu--> My Documents--> NinjaTrader 6.5--> Log--> log.20080813 for today. (log.yyyymmdd for any other date)

    Start Menu--> My Documents--> NinjaTrader 6.5--> Trace--> trace.20080813 for today. (trace.yyyymmdd for any other date)

    Please send them to "support [at] ninjatrader [dot] com" and put "Attn Jason" in the subject header.

    In the mean time, please go to My Documents-->NinjaTrader 6.5-->workspaces and transfer your workspace file that loads upon start-up to a different temporarily folder.

    Check if you can start NinjaTrader.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for your response. I have sent the files.



        My critical problem was that I was unable to launch NinjaTrader, after a fatal NinjaTrader hang. After moving my Workspace, I was able to launch NT, but no Instrument would work on a chart. (This is the first thing I tried after launching with the Default workspace.)

        These are the things I’ve tried:

        - Reboot
        No change

        - Reset Instruments
        I did NOT remove my YM Instruments, as the problem happened with all Futures that I tried, and GOOG as a stock example
        No change

        - Repair DB
        No change

        - Repair NinjaTrader (from Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs)
        No change

        - Repair .NET 2.0 (from Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs)
        No change

        - Repair .NET 3.5 (from Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs)
        I did this because it is my latest version of .NET
        I am NOT using .NET 3.5 SP1
        No change

        { finally some good news }

        - Add a completely new Chart, then add the Instrument
        This WORKED!
        But I would have to recreate 5-6 charts and 2 Dynamic DOMs, each with many Indicators and differing formats.

        - Now I replace my original Workspace and select it
        This WORKED as well! Thank goodness.

        Okay, so I am back to my normal working environment.

        1) Is there any news on the Log and Trace files I'd sent?

        2) Do we have any understand of this particular NinjaTrader Hang yet?
        I really believe that the moving of the ATM’s 3rd Target just as the Stop was hit, is a clue, as it has happened before.

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          Hi Brian,

          Please see the email I have sent you.
          JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Originally posted by NinjaTrader_Jason View Post
            Hi Brian,

            Please see the email I have sent you.
            I am curious what the solution was. I have a very similar problem. thanks.



              Please delete your workspaces by using the directions provided.

              • Please close the application and go to Start
              • Open My documents
              • Go to NinjaTrader 6.5
              • Go to Workspaces
              • Delete all XML documents
              • Now restart the application and all should come up normally
              MichaelNinjaTrader Customer Service


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