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How to have independent DOM windows

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    How to have independent DOM windows

    I have been told it is possible to have multiple independent SuperDOM windows for the same instrument. I can open several DOM's but they all seem to remain connected. For example, if I want to leave a long contract in place but also want to scalp a short position in a second window, the short order closes the long order from the first window. I may want to take a third position in a third window without disturbing the first two.

    I have different named ATM strategies for each DOM but that does not seem to have any effect. How do I do this?

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for posting this.

    Yes, you can have separate SuperDOM's open for the same market. You need to change the ATM Strategy Selection Mode of each DOM before you submit your orders. Please change it to 'Display selected ATM strategy only'.

    You can do this by right clicking in the DOM and select Properties--> ATM Strategy Selection Mode--> Display selected ATM strategy only and click OK. You can also set this as your Default setting.

    More info about this can be found here:

    Vince B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      this should work for more than just 2 domes, correct? I use this feature with no problem for 2 domes. I recently tried adding a 3rd and 4th dome in SIM mode. It seems to have problems keeping track across more than 2 domes. Contracts are getting closed out in another dome when I only want to close them in the 1 particular dome. I have all 4 domes set to "displayselectedATMstrategyonly"


        Make sure when you "Close" a strategy, the strategy is selected in the Strategy selection drop down list. If this is true and your DOM is set to DisplaySelectedStrategy only...then only the strategy selected will close.
        RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


          I can not get 2 DOMs to trade independently. I have tried both static and dynamic DOMs and of course each have been properly selected to the ATM strategy mode "Display Selected ATM Strategy Only". I have also used seperate named ATM strategies in my pull down selection options.

          If I go long ATM #1 (one contract) and then go long again at a lower price ATM#2 (two contracts) I get an average fill price. It always closes the first position. Same with going long and short simultaneously, the functionality is not there? This is on sim data feed. Any suggestions?

          I just tried again with my live feed on live account using global sim. I have 2-1L on the ES. Yeah!!! So I guess the sim data does not work?
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            Thank you for your post.

            This does work when connected to the Simulated Datafeed.

            Here are the steps you should follow:

            1) Connect to the Simulated Datafeed
            2) Open your SuperDOMs
            3) Set ATM Strategy Selection Mode to Display Selected ATM Strategy Only in each SuperDOM
            4) Then select your strategy in the first SuperDOM and enter your position.
            5) This strategy (profit targets and stops) will show in each of the SuperDOMs, but it will disappear when you select a fresh (one that doesn't say active) strategy in the next SuperDOM.
            6) So in short you will see the Strategy from the first displayed in the second until another strategy is selected, but once you have a strategy selected and running in each you will not see the strategy from one displayed in any other.

            If you see the position listed as 1-FLAT that is because you have one position long and one position short in the same account so you are technically flat but you will still have your two working strategies.
            JessicaNinjaTrader Customer Service


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