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New Ninja FOREX broker: OANDA

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    I saw somewhere an interview from Oanda management, that Oanda considered adapting NT as their official trading platform, but eventually it was abandoned, because Ninja Trader company owns a broker. I may guess that it probably means that Oanda will be not cooperative with Ninja, therefore Oanda interface cannot be developed as for now. What a pity.
    Regarding API , they have JSON based API which is free and more comprehensive Java based API which costed in the past 600 USD/Month , but now is available for free for qualified real accounts.
    Also in the past I posted here in forum an example how to feed a data from MT4 server to Ninja via NTdirect.dll API, using an obsolete (but working) DDE. This example may be used connected to Oanda MT4, but it included only tick data acquisition, no order management. At least it worked for me in NT7 in Windows XP and later in Windows 8, I did not check it in Windows 10. I cannot support this code, I posted it to public domain, anybody can use this example as he/she wishes.


      Originally posted by easyfresh3000 View Post

      I know we already had a discussion about adding Oando to Ninjas supported
      Broker list, but I want to bring this topic back in discussion.

      I know that you don't want to add Oanda because they charge 600$/month for their
      API. But after intensiv testing (with real money accounts) I have to say that Oanda is one of the best Forex brokers.

      IB is a very good Forex broker but their commissions make it hard for traders who want to scalp with small positions. With MB Trading it's the same story. We don't have to talk about GAIN because this is not a serious broker (take a look in the TradeStation forum if you don't believe...)

      Oanda only charges the spread which is very fix at 0.9pips. No commssions.

      Think about it. A big part of your 20.000 customers trades with small accounts and want to have more trading options to have the ability to work with a better money management. The Forex market is the best place for that.

      I can't belive that the 600$ are the problem. If this is really the problem we maybe find some people who are ready to pay 100$/month to sponsor the Oanda API. I'm ready to pay for this.

      So thank you guys for a great trading platform but please don't stop adding serious brokers.
      Bump... I support this. I've been with Oanda for over 5 years and don't plan on leaving them. Great forex broker, I just wish I could use the Ninjatrader platform I payed for with them.


        Hello All,

        NinjaTrader now offers Oanda for those who may want to trade forex with NinjaTrader. For more information please feel free to visit our website here:


          Does Europe division expected?
          NinjaTrader Ecosystem Vendor - fx.practic


            Originally posted by fx.practic View Post
            Does Europe division expected?
            Not sure yet at this time. With MIFD 2 recently going into effect, Oanda Europe is taking a very conservative position on 3rd party platforms for the time being. Meaning, they are not allowing them.

            Alternatively, we did just launch CityIndex in Europe.
            RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


              This is good news. Nice to see some more brokers available.


                Well, I had totally given up on NT ever integrating with my prefered brokers.... OandA or City Index.... and now see you've done both!
                But a couple questions...
                Would that include their UK Spread-betting services?
                I have a multi-broker license from before they were added. Can I substitute out brokers I don't use to gain those or what do I need to do?


                  vlc , please reach out to Oanda/City Index directly with your spread-betting question. Make sure to mention that you plan to use NinjaTrader.

                  Your multibroker license key should have the ability to connect to these brokers. If it does not, please contact the Platform Sales department via email at platformsales[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com.


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